SMS Marketing: How to Grow Your Mobile App User Base

Below I’ve written about the benefits of SMS notifications, and recently we have added a messaging service to the company panel allowing you to automatically send text message notifications with links to your apps on all bookings done via a dispatch panel.

From now there is no need to apply to our support team for configuration, you will see this option in your company panel.

The main concern for many companies is evaluating the best communication technique to increase customer engagement. How do you convince customers to interact with your product? Sending SMS with order details automatically may be quite an effective option. And here’s why.

According to Techipedia, 98% of SMS messages sent are opened, and 83% of them are opened within 3 minutes.

Mobile has become the most impactful communication platform due to its massive growth over the past five years, clocking in an impressive 85% penetration rate.

The ability to reach customers directly on their smartphone can help you to acquire new users with $0 budget. Want to know how?

Being one of the cheapest and greenest, SMS service will help to convert your user base into potential customers booking a taxi through your app. Let’s say you have some clients that haven’t been using your application at all but ordered a taxi calling the dispatcher.

The clients’ contact information is stored in the dispatch system and stays unused. Have you thought that you could easily convert those clients into your app users? With adding text messaging, you can generate a constant flow of new customers at a sustainable cost in a short period of time.

SMS Success Story

One of our clients from South East Asia found out that the majority of bookings come from a call centre. The company already hired over 50 people for vehicle dispatching. However, they started to think how to put those clients back in the game and convert from phone base into app users.

The Follow Up

So let’s take a look at the campaign. Instead of those spammy text messages we all receive, the company keeps customers up-to-date. Real-time status updates are sent directly from a driver’s GPS.

Downloads from Google Play Market

The taxi company opted in the text messaging at the beginning of July. The statistics were impressive, with a 24% increase in downloads from Google Play Market and 17% in App Store.

Harnessing the power of SMS, the company managed to garner passenger application users and keep its presence fresh in the minds of new consumers.

How it Works

In case you enabled the SMS auto-sending, clients would receive an SMS with the order details and the app link to download, which they are unlikely to ignore. Chances are – they will install the app and order a taxi via it again and again.

The feature can be activated directly from your company panel. Navigate to the ‘Billing’ tab > ‘Available services’ > ‘SMS notifications’. Click on ‘SMS notifications’ and subscribe to the service to activate it.

SMS service in company panel

Besides the link to your app, the customer will receive several SMS notifications.

For immediate bookings there are 2 SMS with the following information:

  • Driver details;
  • Notification when a driver has arrived.

For example:
Black Mercedes E, LR65YWT, has arrived. Book via PickmeApp.

For scheduled (future) bookings there are 3 SMS containing:

  • Driver details, when a driver is assigned;
  • Notification when a driver is on the way the to pick the passenger up;
  • Notification when a driver has arrived.

For example:
Black Mercedes E, LR65YWT, assigned on your booking on Feb 28, 2017 at 5:55am. Book via PickmeApp.

Benefits of SMS Notifications:

  • App downloads increase
    • – You can use the customers base to grow the app installs. Once they receive the SMS notification, they are most likely to follow the link and download your app.
  • Customer’s comfort and convenience
    • – Riders will see the order status and all the details;
    • – Clients won’t have to track the driver. They will be notified so they are unlikely to forget. Sending an SMS when the booking is ready keeps customers in the loop and allows them to feel more at ease;
    • – No need for a customer to wait on the phone while the dispatcher is looking for a car.
  • Company’s sky-high service
    • – The customers get a perception that you care about them and make sure they get professional service.

Wrapping Up

By sending an SMS to customers you make them feel special and taken care of. This can be a great way to start building relationships with people offering them the best communication.